Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My family

this was a fun activity. the wh are tricky because it makes a f sound.

My Learning Goals

Today we looked through our reports from last year. We identified a next step (goal) for reading, writing and maths. Here are my goals:


To achieve this goal I will:round numbers for subtraction e.g 81 -39 = 81 - 40 + 1.


To achieve this goal I will:


To achieve this goal I will:

We also looked at our STAR results.
  • Word recognition I got 8 out of 10.
  • Sentence comprehension I got 5 out of 10.
  • Paragraph comprehension I got 3 out of 15.
  • Vocabulary I got 3 out of 10.

I am going to focus on: Sentence, paragraph & vocabulary

To improve in this area I will: Use the links on our blog.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

My Maths Learning

I am learning how I can use animal strips in an array to help me solve multiplication questions.


My reflection:
I fawnd it esey

Active Listening

We are learning about different types of listening. There are 3 main types of listening that we learnt about. Busy Listening - When the person listening is busy doing something. They are too busy to concentrate on what is being said. Me Too Listening - When the person listening has a story that they feel is more important than the person talking so they interrupt and share their story instead of listening. Active Listening - When the person listening looks at the person talking, concentrates, gives non-verbal feedback (e.g. nodding) and asks questions about the story. To learn about the different types of listening, we watched this video:


 As a class we created our own video to help us understand the different types.
After practising each type of listening, we realised…

  • Busy listening makes us feel like you’re not listening to us. We found it really hard to keep talking. 
  • Me too listening makes us feel frustrated and sad that you think your story is more important. 
  • Active listening makes us feel valued. We know you are listening because you are looking, nodding, asking questions. 

 As a class we are all trying to get better at being active listeners.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


In music with Jenny we are learning to play in a band. We are all learning different instruments and we are working on our rhythm. Check out our videos:

My Reflection:

In music we've been doing some hailstones music well more like a poem. We used drums a clave glockenspiels and rattles.

My swimming goal

                        I have achieved my goal. My goal is to roll up to breath.My next goal is to get better at